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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is CafePress and how are they involved?
    CafePress allows people to create various gifts and products with their images, and sell them. We have set up our store through CafePress because of their secure server, shopping cart, and credit card processing. CafePress makes it easy for us to do business with you online!

  2. Where did the images of the Impressionist (Monet,Degas,etc) Paintings come from? Did you just scan them out of a book?
    We actually travelled to France, and took the photographs ourselves in the Museums there. Since these paintings are so old, reproductions of them are now free of copyright restrictions, so that we can merchandise our photos. It may be illegal to sell copies of copies however, such as scanning a poster. If you plan to create a similar CafePress store with images of famous paintings you've found online, you should get legal advice first.

  3. Where do the photographs come from
    Our current set of photographs were taken in the High Sierras of Northern California. The mountain and river views are spectacular, and we are particularly fond of the skies. The skies are so blue and bright, and the scenes are breathtaking. We encourage you, if you have a chance, to visit some of the mountainous regions of Northern California and Nevada. It can be quite an experience. We also have other photographs taken elsewhere, and we'll put those up soon.

  4. What if I don't like what I bought?
    CafePress is extremely dedicated to customer service. If a product is faulty or not what you ordered, contact them, and they'll fix it up for you.

  5. Why "Visual Peace"?
    All the images we provide here give us a feeling of peace and serenity when we view them. "Visual Peace" just seemed to sum up the philosophy and mission of the site.

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